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Whizzinator and Whizzinator Touch: Choosing The Better One Two different types of Whizzinators are being sold in the market today by two different competing companies. There have been a lot of questions and confusions pertaining to the difference between the way these two types of Whizzinator operates and this article will be able to clear those questions.1 One major difference on the operation procedure of these two types of whizzinators is that one of them requires two hands to operate while the other requires only one. The Whizzinator that is sold by one company can be operated using only one hand while the other sells the two handed operation type Whizzinator. A lot of written Whizzinator revies can be found which reflects both the good and the bad when it comes to these Whizzinator manufacturers and each of their respective Whizzinator products. The company that sells one type of Whizzinator call their product the Whizzinator touch which according to the website of the company, is a type of synthetic urine device which could be used discreetly on all types of scenarios. The whizzinator touch includes a medical grade urine in its package and is disease free and clean, it has a flow system that is specifically designed to for easy usage and has a flow system that is very quiet. The Whizzinator touch comes in many varieties and some of them are Whizzinator touch Brown, Whizzinator touch tan, Whizzinator touch white, Whizzinator touch black and Whizzinator touch Latino
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People tends to be confused on the Whizzinator touch functionality sometimes that most of them thinks that the Whizzinator touch can be operated single handedly. This is a wrongly conceived information since the whizzinator touch is a device that requires both hands in order to be used. In order to operate the whizzinator touch, one hand is required to pinch the closed tip and the other hand is needed to open the valve for the flow to begin. For the synthetic urine to be fully drained and used, the prosthetic tip of the whizzinator touch needs to be squeezed after the flow valve is opened so that all of the synthetic urine is used. There will be a free flowing of the synthetic urine once the pressing of the tip of the prosthetic of the Whizzinator touch is stopped. The Whizzinator touch have released a promotional video that says “all you have to do is squeeze and let it flow” and it is truly a video that describes the method on how the Whizzinator touch should be operated, which all in all is not that bad of a method. However, it is not stated on the whizzinator touch manufacturer’s website whether the device needs two hands to use or just one. Although there are magazine ads claiming that the device can be operated with a single hand.What Has Changed Recently With Sales?

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