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Beards: Grooming Your Beard Properly As you may have noticed, bearded men have this very appealing aura to them as well as a manly feel. They appear more manly and attractive to anyone who passes them by. However, not all beards pass the test of adding that attractiveness to men, only well groomed beards can do this. What you are probably thinking that a simple trim and comb can make your beard look more appealing. But that is not always the case, to achieve that healthy and shiny beard that most men want, it takes just a little bit more effort to have it shiny and healthy. People with magnificent beards don’t just let their beards grow, they actually spend time grooming them. The first step to that magnificent beard is to just let it all grow out! An ideal growing time for most people is winter, so that when they grow their beard during that time they gain extra protection and warmth for their faces against the cold. Or you could choose to grow it during November, where the cause Movember (prostate cancer research) takes place. Any time of the year is actually fine, you just have to pick a date and stop shaving! Start by growing your beard a minimum of 4-6 weeks first, once you start to actually grow your beard, and just let it flourish first before you start trimming it to get your desired style. To aid in your beard’s growth, supply proper nutrients to your face and beard by eating healthy all the time. Take supplements if you don’t have the luxury of eating healthy foods all of the time. You could take a simple multivitamin pill to supplement your diet, but you could also go for supplements that contain biotin, as biotin supplements the growth of your hair and nails. Condition your beard properly once you have decided to grow it and correspondingly, trim it. Maintain your beard properly by using a bunch of nutrients such as beard oils and vitamins, as well as getting the right brushes for your beard. Give proper care and condition to your beard by also using products such as beard oils and beard balms to aid in you beard’s condition. When searching for beard vitamin products in the market, go for the ones that have more natural ingredients and don’t contain any preservatives that can ruin your hair. Beard brushes also help much in the same way constant brushing helps your hair. Another beneficial practice in maintain your beard is constantly brushing it, especially when you have time to spare. Beard oils and beard vitamins can help your beard achieve that shine, while brushes help your beard by forming it into styles that you want.

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